Fedae Innuthek

Oversexed Succubus - Leader of the Cult of Crepitation


Armour: Wychsuit (but really barely anything)
Weapons: Agoniser Whip, Blast Pistol


Fedae Innuthek was born into poverty. Her father was a hellion that raped her mother – who then attempted to have an abortion. The Haemonculus that performed the procedure decided, more or less on a whim, to keep the fetus. He grew it in a test tube and brought it up as his slave. But Fedae was stronger than he expected. She stole a knife one day, and murdered the haemonculus in his sleep. She had yet to learn the art of torture, so she gained little from this, aside from revenge. She then ran away, to avoid the wracks that would surely come if she stayed.
After a week or so of wandering, hiding when the hellions came and fighting off beasts with her knife, Fedae found herself at the arena of the Cult of Crepitation. She liked that name. So she snuck inside. The visions of death within were simply majestic, and that was when Fedae decided that she wanted to be one of those wyches – glorious and beautiful.
It took years until she was allowed into the arena to fight, but after her training the arena was the perfect place for her. Even though she was just a young girl at the time, her first fight was bloody and brutal. The crowd went wild. She soaked in their praise and continued along her path.

It was at the height of her career that she fell.
The Cult of Crepitation was richer than it had ever been, entirely thanks to Fedae. The fights happened every night, and the arena was always packed. It had gotten to the point where important figures were murdered over tickets. Fedae kept challenging herself, fighting tougher and tougher creatures. It started with kroot, but before long she was fighting dreadnoughts and lesser chaos daemons effortlessly.
Then she heard that they had captured a hive tyrant. She knew that she had to fight it. But she was cocky.

The first few minutes of the fight went as normal – Fedae would dance around the creature’s attacks, dodging out of the way at the last second and from time to time tearing off the limb that dared challenge her. But then she decided to change her strategy. She jumped onto the creatures back, planning to cut open its forehead and feast. But it shook her off, and she landed in front of it. It attacked again, and since she was on the floor, she didn’t react quickly enough. The creature tore open her chest, and her guts spilled out onto the floor.
Realising that no-one else would be able to take this beast, one of the succubi at the time gave the command to execute the tyrant. Four Kabalite Warriors, strategically positioned around the arena, fired dark lances into the creature. It died instantly.

When Fedae came to, the rule of the Cult of Crepitation was over. The leaders had been publically executed, the arena half destroyed from rioting, and Fedae herself was still not whole. But she stopped the treatment, causing the scar to remain. It took two hours for the Cult of Crepitation to be reformed, with Fedae as its leader.

Fedae is a harsh mistress. Unlike some succubi, she doesn’t randomly kill her underlings, but she will punish them harshly if they cross her. There are few that would dare to cross her.

The Cult of Crepitation is a fairly small cult – at the moment, anyway. It used to be one of the richest in Commorragh, but a few centuries back events unfolded that caused the fall from grace of the cult. Fedae Innuthek is one of the three Succubus’ that lead the cult – the other two being Elixito Gorraigha and Iored Stek. In reality, however, Fedae has complete control. If the others were to go against her will, the cult would shortly find their heads, and sometimes other assorted body parts, spread around the arena. On one occasion, when a subordinate questioned the logistics involved in her plans to include live torture during some of the fights, he was sent to fight a genestealer that was in heat. It had been protected with all sorts of strange devices, and it’s claws removed. The wych was doused in female tyranid pheromones. Needless to say, the fighter was raped to death in the arena. The crowds loved it, and this began to happen to slaves from time to time as well.

Fedae is about average height for a Dark Eldar. Her wychsuit has less material than most, barely covering her. Like most Dark Eldar, Fedae has white skin and black hair. Her skin is nearly flawless, even more beautiful than most wyches, with two exceptions:

  • Like many wyches, Fedae has a series of tiny, almost invisible holes running down her right arm. These have been caused by the regular combat drug injections that all wyches take.
  • Unlike most that survive this long, she also has a single scar. It runs from her shoulder, across her right breast and curves down past her left side, ending just below her navel. She claims that it is left there as a reminder of her single mistake.

Four parts of Fedae’s body are normally covered:

  • Her heel and ankles are covered by a small strip of material which then snakes up her lower legs, spiking up on the outer edges.
  • Her crotch is covered by another piece of material.
  • She wears gloves that leave the fingers open and snake up her arms in a similar fashion to that on her legs.
  • Her breasts are covered by an almost bikini-esque top.

Fedae Innuthek

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