Harlequin Dusk

Enigmatic Harlequin


Nature: Harlequin
Strong: Captivating
Weak: Addicted
Subplot: Death

Armour: Flip Belt and Holo-suit
Weapons: Wrist mounted splinter pistol, Instrument (hidden blade on the lower half)
Wargear: Instrument (staff with drum attached)


A Harlequin keeps many secrets.

Thouh Harlequins may go by many names they’re typically all referred to by non-Harlequins as “Harlequin” and distinguish themselves among one another by the name of their mask. They are multi-disciplined individuals; if there’s a job that needs doing they’re either capable themselves or able to find another Harlequin that can – though will refuse work that is beneath their kind. Besides bringing harm to a member of their number or performing a task that conflicts with an earlier assignment or personal interest, they are all always available for hire – at a reasonable price. Which is not to say they would not accept your money for tasks that cannot be performed if you asked.

In the above regards Harlequin Dusk is like any other but he comes from a mime troupe that is said to have once encountered a dark force that has made them all since disband and behave like solitaires. It is unknown if they still possess their souls. Harlequin Dusk is said to have also acquired at that time an exaggerated, deep set addiction to all forms of excitement: sex, danger, death… But not just any death will do. It is his own that interests him and Dusk will deliberate over and over and avoid death at all cost until something satisfactory comes along as all excitement should be enjoyed at its best and most beautiful. However, for this Harlequin and the other memebers of his original troupe, it is further rumoured that death is no end; sooner or later a new Harlequin will appear with all the memories of a former one and take up their mask and name. No Harlequin has or will ever betray the secrets of this troupe’s seemed ability of reincarnation.

As with most Harlequins, Dusk possesses a personal instrument upon which he is exceptionally talented. Dusk’s instrument resembles a staff with a drum in the middle attached to gold strings that stretch to the instrument’s claw-like tip and the detachable bottom half conceals a thin blade that can be swung out or perfectly concealed in the length.

Harlequin Dusk’s dance, acrobatics, and music can be mesmerising to most minds and will hold you captivated beyond its conclusion with the power to install a slow-fading illusionary emotion. It is said that a rare few Harlequin can so enchant their audience as to all collectively take their own lives or each others. Harlequin Dusk is not such an individual, but for an army of weak minds he can, and has, had them all simultaneously, for a moment, fall in love with him and then there’s a chance they might, as before, start attacking one another in a jealous rage…

Every Harlequin knows of course all the main dances of their land, regardless of whether or not they are capable of performing them, and some have a few unique to them or their troupe. Harlequin Dusk’s are not well known as most that witness them are left in a state unable to recount the tale but there are rumours he calls his most formidable his ‘Dance of the Dark’ and you would be a fool to upset Dusk and let the lights go out.

Harlequin Dusk

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