Histerr Char'uk

Helliarch thirsting for revenge - Leader of the Aerial Anarchists


Armour: Wychsuit
Weapons: Hellglaive
Wargear: Skyboard


If you see Histerr for more than a few seconds, you’re pretty lucky. Many don’t even see him before he kills them. Like most hellions, Histerr and his gang take pleasure in randomly killing civilians that they come across. If you manage to last long enough, you wouldn’t notice much out of the ordinary – his wychsuit and skyboard look like any other at a glance. He normally wields a hellglaive, and is of an average height and build. There are two things that might give him away:

  • Unlike most Dark Eldar, Histerr has white hair. It the back is black, but most never see the back of his head.
  • If you are particularly observant, you might notice that his skyboard is not quite as normal as it might first appear. It has been heavily modified to have a more powerful engine despite maintaining the appearance of a normal board. Some people think that there may be other modifications too.

Histerr is incredibly well connected. If something needs to be done, he knows where to find someone to do it. His gang love him, considering him the best leader they could have, but he secretly screws them over regularly. In less than a century he’s become as rich as some of the more successful archons despite only leading a hellion gang, but no-one knows it.


The Aerial Anarchists are a medium sized hellion gang, numbering about 100. They regularly participate in realspace raids, sending 20-50 people on any given mission. Char’uk, rather cleverly, managed to convince a haemonculus to resurrect his troops for a variable rate – that soldier’s share of the loot – this means that he always makes a profit on the raids.

Histerr Char’uk hates Malaedius Thrine with a passion, but knows that he can’t move against him without revealing his true power. This just makes him hate the guy even more. The two gangs regularly compete and most people involved in these situations are unable to work out why the Aerial Anarchists are able to hold their own.

Histerr Char'uk

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