Kaevyn Orizae

Haemonculus awaiting the return of the Eldar


Nature: Haemonculus
Strong: Forward-Thinking
Weak: Aloof
Subplot: Restore the Eldar

Armour: Gnarlskin
Weapons: Splinter Pistol and Close Combat Weapons
Wargear: Shadow Field


Little is known about Kaevyn Orizae. Even among the ranks of the Haemonculi, few are aware of the Coven of One, and its elusive master, the Lonely Nemesine. A similarly small number are aware of the existence of an organisation known as the Pheonex, which seeks to bring about the birth of Ynnead and restore the Eldar to their former glory.

Virtually none are aware of the connection between these two groups, and those that are have a habit of dying in inventive ways.

Orizae’s continuing influence, despite his apparent lack of affiliation to a coven, has led many to speculate that he has friends in high places. They would be right…

Kaevyn Orizae

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