Lux Garrikus

Shy Scourge


Armour: Modified ghostplate
Weapons: Blaster
Wargear: None


Lux is a tall, thin woman with pale skin and pitch black hair and wings. She almost never wears a helmet, and her armour has been specifically modified to hide her physical features. There is a gap at the back for her wings, and other that and her face, no bare skin is visible when she is wearing it.

Lux is trueborn and used to be rich. She applied to join numerous Kabals, starting with Vect’s and working her way down to Orel’s. Each one rejected her, and about a year ago she finally gave up – deciding to use her money to have her body modified so that she could become a scourge.

After a lot of searching, Lux settled on Kaeyvn Orizae as her surgeon of choice. This for one main reason. His mortality rate for failed surgeries was high. This was Lux’s final attempt at life, and if it failed she wanted to ensure she’d be dead before she realised. Slaneesh was better than Commorragh without a purpose, or so she reasoned.

Despite nearly dying four times on the operating table, fear was enough to ensure that Lux pulled through. Kaevyn took her payment and threw the girl out, expecting her not to last. She awoke naked and bruised, covered in blood, semen and dirt, one arm broken. She didn’t know what had happened or where she was. But she was alive, and knew what she had to do. She spread her wings and took off.

Lux Garrikus

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