Malaedius Thrine

Helliarch wanting to see the world - leader of the Blitz-Boarders


Nature: Helliarch
Strong: Supported
Weak: Squeamish
Subplot: Explore

Armour: Wychsuit
Weapons: Hellglaive
Wargear: Modified Skyboard (Disintegrator Cannons instead of Splinter Pods)


Malaedius was born into a Wych cult to a Hekatrix and one of the few male Eldar skilled enough to be accepted into the cult. He grew up in the arena learning to fight as the wyches did and finding he could match the skills of any of the others in the cult, reveling in the exhilaration of the combat.

He never used the combat drugs that the others did as he found he lost the natural adrenaline that he enjoyed so much about the combat. He also never had the stomach to finish his opponents in the arena, always allowing them to live rather than executing the weak as was expected. This was seen as weakness of himself by the rest of the cult and he was never truly accepted as his father had been, so one day he left looking for broader horizons and new ways to find the thrill of battle.

He wanted to join a Kabal and fight with them – however a chance encounter changed his life. Being on his own in the undercut for the first time, Malaedius found himself beset upon by those who would prey on the weak. Hellions. A small group swooped down on him. He was quicker than them. He managed to remove the first to get close from his skyboard and take his place. As he zipped along through the air maladies realised he had found his calling. It was exhilarating riding the board, narrowly avoiding spires with the shouting and whooping of a dozen or so others chasing behind him.

Later, Malaedius learned he had killed the leader of the pack of hellion that had assaulted him and he snatched the opportunity to be the replacement Helliarch for the gang known as “The Blitz-Boarders” (naturally after settling a few disputes with any dissenters).

He has since gained a reputation for particular ruthlessness in his raids, they are lightning fast and leave no survivors as each victim is cleanly and precisely decapitated with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The rest of the gang quickly learned of Malaedius’ distaste for the typical approach of causing as much pain as possible and the practice of picking up a single person out of a group to rip apart was rapidly dropped. Many of the gang left to find other more typical gangs to sate their thirst for pain, however many more joined after the groups successes grew.

Since then the group has only continued to grow with stronger than normal links having been made with the Kabals seeking to raid planets as the Blitz-boarders have proven to be superior in battle to the rage-fuelled and inefficient alternative hellions. With Malaedius always leading the charge from the front with perfectly sharp and lethal hellglave able to cleave limbs and heads from the body with as little tearing or gore as possible.

However Malaedius himself has now grown bored of killing easy targets in Commoragh over and over again. He has seen the world outside and felt the rush of actual battle where the risks are greater and he is more appreciated for his approach where before he was seen as weak. He is looking to move onwards and upwards away from Commoragh more permanently.

Malaedius Thrine

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