Syr'Kho Orel

Archon thirsting for power


Nature: Archon
Strong: Cunning
Weak: Condescending
Subplot: Power

Armour: Kabalite
Weapons: Hes’Yoral and Viper’s Bite
Wargear: Clone Field


Nicknamed “The Viper”, Syr’Kho Orel rose from the ashes of the disbanded Realm Eternal to form the Kabal of the Venomed Hand. By manipulating the supply of narcotics into major parts of the Commorragh he quickly gained enough influence to supply his followers with the means to conquer rival territories.

The Archons from which he had stolen clientèle from formed a temporary alliance in which to destroy Orel. Upon inviting him to a private performance of the Dance of Death they planned for the Harlequin to kill Orel upon the climax of the dance. However Orel had already paid the Harlequin to kill off the Archons who opposed him. Upon the climax of the show the Harlequin unleashed a torrent of poisonous shots into each of the rival Archons. Orel walked up to the dying bodies of his rivals and whispered to them mockingly; “Not Today”. In their last moments, one Archon managed to pull out an ornate blade and slash upon Orel’s innards, the poison lining it paralysing him. He fell into a comatose state for several months in which his established empire fell. The Archons, despite their deaths had managed to cripple Orel’s rise to power. All that remains is the core infrastructure owned by the Kabal of the Venomed hand, a single spire located in the outer reaches of the High Commorragh. Crewed by the few thousand remaining kabalites and wyches who still share Orel’s ideologies, the darkest corners of the spire infested with mandrakes, abducting the weaker servants of Orel and awaiting any potential offers for their services from the upper tier officer’s in Orel’s service. It was on the highest level of the spire where Orel recovered from his comatose state, guarded by the thousand levels beneath him staffed by his private army. Some say the architect who designed Orel’s spire had reached the limit of his life and his soul was stolen by Slaanesh during the creation of the plans, for the entire building in an ever-changing labyrinth of web portals and dungeons. To assault such a place would be of the utmost folly, the defend it even more so. The top few levels however are much more stable allowing Orel to store the treasures he has come to possess, before his unfortunate infliction occured, his rooms were filled with arcane treasures and ornate artefacts. Now they are gone, taken by deserters who used them as bargaining tools to join the service of rival kabals. The majority of his empire may have been destroyed but Orel has returned and his thirst for power has all but been quenched.

Wielding his arcane rapier, Hes’Yoral, he is prepared to regain what is “rightfully” his. The rapier was a gift from a mandrake he once aided in the acquisition of a certain client who had failed to fulfil their end of the bargain, the blade cuts through all without leaving a mark causing agonising pain to its’ victims. Upon him he also keeps his side-arm, The Viper’s Bite, the very weapon responsible for the name that strikes fear to all of Orel’s enemies. At first glance at the firing mechanisms and ammunition it would be easy to mistake this weapon for a simple variant of a splinter pistol, however the beauty of this weapon is the short range teleportation device at the end of the barrel which projects the poisoned splinter rounds into the targets body, bypassing their armour and infecting their entire system with a cocktail of virulent poisons. Orel has trained his skill with this weapon to perfection, a slight miscalculation and the shot is entirely useless but in Orel’s masterful employ, this weapon alongside Hes’Yoral portray Orel as a foe who mysteriously annihilates his enemies without leaving a mark.

If Orel has any weakness in battle, it is his vanity. Armed with simply the clone field technology (so he may admire his own aesthetics whilst he fights) commonly found across the higher echelons of Dark Eldar society, Orel wears little protective gear, arguing that it is better to encourage himself that his foe should never be allowed to honour of touching him in the first place.

Syr'Kho Orel

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