Zarsalofir Nh'rien

Mentor to Lux Garrikus


Armour: Ghostplate
Weapons: Dark Lance
Wargear: Vexator Mask


Zarsalofir Nh’Rien is of a strong build, unlike most scourges. He is a little on the tall side, and his armour has had to be modified to allow him to fit in due to his large muscles. He wears a vexator mask, so his face is nearly never seen, and his wings resemble those of a bat. His hair reaches his shoulder, and those small sections of bare skin visible are filled with scars. Unlike many scourges, he has not been modified heavily enough to have a beak – some theorise that this is because he is so old that this level of modification was not available back then.

Nh’Rien has been a Scourge for many centuries. He is one of the elders of the Cruktek Flock, an ancient flock that has been around for nearly as long as body modifications became advanced enough to allow scourges to exist – before the fall. He teaches many of the new Scourges how to do their jobs, and has met Harlequin Dusk on a few occasions before. Each time, one of his students was killed by Dusk. Immediately after this, every single time, Nh’Rien fired on Dusk with a weapon that would kill him in one hit if it connected. It has become almost a tradition, and those watching carefully might even think that Nh’Rien fluffs these shots on purpose…

Zarsalofir Nh'rien

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